Pirelli Motorcycle Tyre Guide 2018

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Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Code

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Motorcycle Tires: Age Matters at AM. You ve Gotta Know the Date the Tire was BornBy Billy Edwards Tire aging on cars has received.

One reason may be that m- motorcycle tires wear out much quicker than car tires — while a drive may rack up as much as 50, miles or more on car tires, we motorcyclists typically get 7, – 10, miles on our motorcycle tire. So for some, the motorcycle tire may not last long enough — from a chronological age standpoint — to worry about. Basically, exposure to oxygen, ultra violet light sun light , heat, and use all work to break down, wear out and harden the rubber compound used in the tires, whether the tire is on a bike or not.

How Old is Too Old? So how old is too old? Some say ten years, some say six years. Some car tire companies and most safety advocates go with six years. Unfortunately, tire aging information from the tire companies is hard to come by. Here the U. The code is a combination of numbers that identifies the manufacturing location, tire size, manufacturer’s code, and week and year the tire was manufactured.

You can find the code on the sidewall of the tire, like the one pictured below. To figure which week, divide by 4. It is the correct….

Determining Tyre Age: DOT Code Explained

The chronological age of any tyre can be found on the tyre sidewall by examining the characters following the symbol “DOT”. The last four numbers identify the date of manufacture of the tyre to the nearest week. The first two of these four numbers identify the week of manufacture which range from “01” to “53”. The last two numbers identify the year of manufacture e. For tyres manufactured prior to the year , three numbers instead of four indicate the date of manufacture. We recommend: All tyres including spare tires that were manufactured more than ten years ago should be replaced with new tyres, even if they appear to be usable from their external appearance and if the tread depth may have not reached the minimum wear out depth.

Our example is a motorcycle tire sized at /65B We’ll get to the All Dunlop tires also specify the date of manufacture on the sidewall.

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Old tyres can be a ticking time-bomb that could dangerously fail and lose air. Bridgestone explains how. Tyres are made of various types of textile, steel and rubber compounds that have properties that evolve over time. As the rubber in a tyre gets older and is exposed to the elements, the strength of the bond between the rubber and the steel belts is reduced.

When an old tyre is put under load, cracks in the rubber will begin to form.

How To Read Motorcycle Tires

Unfortunately, not every rider asks this question. In fact, most people assume that their bike tires are as good as car tires. First of all, you should check if your tires have tread. That said, the middle of your tire gets into the greatest contact with road surfaces. As such, this section tends to wear out before the rest of the tire. Second, you should check your motorcycle tires for defects.

Most tire manufacturer’s warranties cover their tires for four years from the date of purchase or five years from the week the tires were manufactured. So if you.

If you’ve ever wondered how old your tires are, it’s an easy bit of information to find out. Tires actually have a “born-on” date, and it’s listed right on the tire itself. Almost everything you need to know about your tires is molded into the sidewall and coded according to federal requirements, including the specific week and year when a tire was made. To read the date on a tire, look near the edge of the rim for a series of characters starting with the letters DOT.

This code can tell you the manufacturer of the tire and the factory where it was made, as well as provide lot-specific information used for tracking in case of a recall. The last four digits of this code tell you when your tire was manufactured. The first two numbers indicate what week of the year it was made out of 52 weeks per year , and the second two numbers represent the year. For example, would reveal that a tire was manufactured during the 52nd week of the year Prior to the year , DOT coding was slightly different.

If you have a tire that doesn’t match the coding you see in our example, it was likely manufactured before and should be retired as a safety precaution. It’s always a good idea to have a tire professional inspect your tires when having them reinstalled on your vehicle after storage. This will flex the tires and maintain oil dispersion within the rubber compounds. No matter how old the tires are, the most important aspect of tire safety is regular maintenance and inspection.

Dating motorcycle tires

Do we care? We probably should because it could mean the difference between a safe, fun ride and spending time on the side of the road or worse. At the very least, we hope this article prompts you to check the age of your tires. At most, we hope it inspires you enough to swap out old tires for new if necessary. So how can you tell the age of your tires?

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The alpha numerical coding on the sidewall of Dunlop motorcycle tires can be confusing. It is important to understand these codes to insure you are getting a safe tire that will work on your particular motorcycle. Dunlop tire codes utilize metric measurements. Metric sizing is the most widely used and has the most information. Simply put, the higher this number is, the taller the tire will be.

In this case, the tire is 65 percent as tall as its width. If there are two letters after the aspect ratio, the first will be speed rating and the second will be tire construction. If there is only one letter or a dash – after the aspect ratio, then it indicates construction type and the speed rating will appear in the service description. The service description is a combination of the load index 81 and the speed rating H. All Dunlop tires also specify the date of manufacture on the sidewall.

It is important to pay attention to these dates as tires can become unsafe if they are stored too long or in poor storage conditions. On the side wall next to the U. DOT tire identification number you will find a 4-digit number.

Setting The Record Straight On Motorcycle Tire Age

When it comes to tires that still have a bunch of tread life, how old is too old? I know that too many of us do not pay enough attention to our tires. How often do any of us get down on the ground and really inspect that tread?

Motorcycle tires play a vital role in the performance, handling and safety of the bike. The tire manufacture date is determined by examining the DOT tire.

The U. Department of Transportation–DOT–dictates what information must be provided on the sidewall of any tire sold for road use in the United States. With a little detective work and an understanding of the DOT coding system, you can determine the age of any motorcycle tire. Locate the full DOT number on the sidewall of the tire. The number starts with “DOT” and is followed by 10 to 12 letters and numbers. The full DOT number is only on the outside of the tire.

The inside will have a shortened version with just a few letters or numbers. Note the last four digits of the DOT number. They will all be numerals, such as or

How to check how Old a Tire is